Biblical eLearning ( and Biblical Training ( present: Dr. Bruce Waltke on Psalms.
Dr. Bruce Waltke after receiving a Th. D. from Dallas seminary and Ph. D. from Harvard University Dr. Waltke had an extensive teaching career spanning Dallas Seminary, Westminster Seminary and Regent Graduate School (Vancouver, BC). He has published numerous books and articles including: Hebrew Grammar, Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax (Eisenbrauns), Proverbs (NICOT, 2 vols.), Micah (Tyndale Commentary Series), An Old Testament Theology (Zondervan), and with C. J. Fredricks Genesis (Zondervan) among others. He is currently publishing a series on Psalms with James Houston (The Psalms as Christian Lament and The Psalms as Christian Worship: An Historical Commentary (Eerdmans). This series was taped by Dr. Bill Mounce of in conjunction with Ted Hildebrandt of This series is available on both web sites.